side view of Life's Good
Gold Coast whale watching cruise – First whales of the season spotted!
June 3, 2017
whales stretched
Gold Coast whale watching Have you Seen the whales yet?
July 29, 2017

Whale Watching Gold Coast

whales stretched

whales strech

last year CruiseGC and our passengers were one of very few vessels to view the magnificent Migaloo white whale
check out the video below.

As you know Migaloo is very rare and were very lucky to catch a glimpse of the beautiful creature. Now that Whale watching season is back in full swing The crew on Life’s good and our passengers hope to bare witness to some more frolicking marine animals.

“Life’s Good” boast 306 degree views from anywhere on the vessel and caters for 8 passengers off shore, which makes it a very intimate and magical experience. Ensuring you never miss a photo opportunity.

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