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Did your dearly departed love the ocean? Scattering ashes at sea might just be the perfect return to nature for them. Say your goodbyes and final farewells on-board a private, intimate cruise. Whether it’s just you, or a few friends and family, our crew will treat you as if you were their own.
Ash scattering service can include detailed co-ordinates of the scattering location and a memorial certificate* (optional)

How does it work?

Do you have a special location that your loved one had an affinity with? We can cruise to your selected destination or we can help you choose the best position where you will be able to scatter the ashes and say your farewells. We will  log for you the exact coordinates with our GPS identifying the place the ashes were scattered giving you the opportunity to re-visit at a later date.

The Scattering:
Once we arrive, the vessel motors’ will be turned off to allow us to float in peace.  if you have chosen music, the music will be played during the ceremony.  Depending on your chosen form of memorial You may wish to scatter the ashes directly on the water  and watch them gently disappear into the distance, cast a wreath or say goodbye with a specialized bio-degradable urn.  

We also welcome you to bring, a priest, celebrant or professional to perform the ceremony
If you prefer, you are welcome to bring a parish priest or celebrant to perform the duty of the ashes scattering on the water.


Let us help you give the farewell they deserve...

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