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Scattering Ashes at Sea

Say your final farewells to a loved one aboard a private, intimate cruise.

Ashes Dispersals

Did your dearly departed love the ocean? Scattering ashes at sea aboard ‘Life’s Good’ might just be the perfect return to nature for them.

Say your goodbyes and final farewells aboard a private, intimate cruise. Whether it’s just you, or a few friends and family, the Cruise Gold Coast Team will help you honour the memory of your loved one.

  • “Life’s Good” is a comfortable, luxurious catamaran licensed for up to 25 passengers and 2 crew inshore. Offshore, 8 passengers only.
  • The option is to charter the whole boat. Not available for ticketed bookings.
  • Please allow a minimum of 3 hours.

How does it work?

Perhaps you have a special location your loved one had an affinity with? We can cruise to your selected destination or we can help you choose the best position where you will be able to scatter the ashes and say your farewells. We will log the exact coordinates with our GPS identifying the place the ashes were scattered giving you the opportunity to re-visit at a later date.

The Scattering

Once we arrive, the motors will be turned off to allow us to float in peace. If you have chosen music or have a video, this will be played during the ceremony.  Depending on your chosen form of memorial you may wish to scatter the ashes directly onto the water and watch them gently disappear into the distance, cast a wreath or, say goodbye with a special bio-degradable urn.

An Ash Scattering service can include:

  • Showing of a pre-loaded video of photos of precious moments and memories
  • Attendance by your priest or other ceremony professional

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Let us help you give the farewell they deserve

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What To Expect

Standard Inclusions

  • Pick-up and drop off at one of our convenient designated marinas
  • Catering and drinks in line with your booking
  • Real coffee and tea
  • Access to kitchen & bathroom facilities onboard
  • Pre-loaded video and music – please arrange with our team in advance
  • A COVID Safe cruise
  • A celebration with your loved ones

Things To Know

  • Please arrive 15 mins prior to departure
  • Every passenger needs to complete a COVID Safe Declaration form prior to departure
  • Only white-soled shoes are permitted onboard – bring socks or you can go bare feet
  • Best to upload videos and Spotify song list ahead of the cruise for smooth sailing
  • We love capturing your memories – let us know if you do not want us to do this
  • Premixed spirit drinks allowed – no pure spirits for parties other than gourmet or corporate charters
  • Red wine stains boats… suggest no red wine – only allowed at Wine Tastings and Gourmet or Corporate Settings and we require an additional deposit ($500) to cover any accidents – will be returned if not required

Suggest You Bring

  • Swimwear
  • Beach Towels
  • Sun lotion
  • Sun hats
  • Change of clothes
  • Warm weather clothing in case of a weather change
  • A sense of fun and good humour

Welcome Aboard

Relax, unwind and enjoy a private cruise aboard Cruise Gold Coast’s luxury Catamaran ‘Life’s Good’.

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