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Gold Coast Bucks Party Cruise

Gold Coast Bucks party cruise is the answer and here's why!

Its Stag do time! Why not have your Bucks party on your very own private boat charter?

  1. Get the boys together and set off on your own private charter boat. Whatever you want for your bucks do, make it a fun day or night out in the luxury and privacy of your own boat. Did you know we also have some fantastic Bucks party packages?? We can organize everything from the theme, games, entertainment, topless waitress to drinks and food.
  2. You pay in advance! While related to being affordable, there are two important things: money management and managing the boys.  Prepay well in advance for your private Bucks party cruise secured with the deposit. Want more? You can even pay it off! Save those $$ for the big day and pay it off as you go!
  3. It can help you exercise a  little self-control!  and its PRIVATE! Yes, you are going to be able to eat and drink all you want with BYO. A cruise is a good way to party with your mates and pump out your own music, drink your own drinks.
  4. What’s your thing?  Make a theme it’s your own floating venue! Set a theme for the boys, Adults only, fancy dress the choice is yours and we won’t judge! All in the comfort of your own Private Bucks party cruise.
  5. Drink your own drinks – Cruise Gold Coast is fully BYO with no surcharge! On your own private cruise you can have your own drinks on board and save money. No need pay club or pub prices for your drinks its all yours. Your own music blaring out of Life’s Good blue tooth surround sound system.
  6. Strippers? When you choose to have your Bucks party on board your own private yacht you can have your own private show, stripper, adult entertainment and no need to offend anyone- its a very private floating venue.
  7. The boys are in it together! there’s something about being on a private boat with mates no one can leave prematurely, your mates cant ditch you for a pretty lady (except maybe the waitress) and its all about the man of the hour.

Has that got you convinced yet? Cruise with us aboard Life’s Good for your Bucks party or Stag party and experience the most memorable day/ night out with mates. BECAUSE WE KNOW HOW TO DO BUCKS PARTIES!

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Relax, unwind and enjoy a private cruise aboard Cruise Gold Coast’s luxury Catamaran ‘Life’s Good’.

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