Hi everyone,
I have embarked on this project to provide a charitable monthy sunset charity cruises because I want to make a small difference. Everyone in this world needs support to gain confidence and knowledge and to improve each other’s lives.

My Story: All my youthful life I felt invincible and I expected to become extremely successful and rich. Unfortunately, during my middle age, I experienced anxiety for many, many years. I tried very hard to recover for a considerable time and felt that I had no one to talk to, as I was so ashamed. For over a year I did not even understand what I was feeling or why. I had always been a very active and positive person during work and play. I now realise that acceptance of a mental health condition is the first step to recovery.

While I was recovering, I decided to start a private cruise business. I also had the vision to help other people who also could not discuss their feelings – this is how the name ‘We Are All In The Same Boat’ originated. I then purchased the vessel called Life’s Good.

We aim to provide free sunset charity cruises on our luxury catamaran, Life’s Good. The views that you will see are amazing. Mingle, make friends and network. We welcome everyone who wishes to help in any small way.

We encourage donations, with 100% of the funds raised going our selected Mental Health charity.

Every donation makes a significant impact on mental health in Australia, so thank you for your generosity.

At the end of the booking, you will be directed to make a donation directly to the campaign everyday heroes. Our team will then manually confirm your booking.

Thank you for your support